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Isn’t he charming? A pig playing a lute!

“Majolica” is the common name for highly glazed, brightly colored ceramic ware in whimsical relief forms. 16th century origins include Spain, Italy, Mexico. In the Renaissance, a collection of majolica was a sign of affluence and worldliness. At the Great Exhibition of 1851, Minton & Company of Staffordshire presented a collection named Palisy, after the 16th century artisan who inspired the revival. Industrial manufacture in Europe and America made what became known as majolica accessible to the everyday home.

Piggy is handsome on his own, or perfect with flowers if you don’t want to drink from lead glaze.

Antique Majolica Pig Vase

  • Notes

    Glazed red ware ceramic, lead glaze, 9.25“ tall
    Made in Germany (?) 

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