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A favorite fragrance from star perfumer and star friend Carlos Huber.

Carlos is an architect by training, with a specialty in historic preservation. He’s a multi-lingual *bon vivant*, born in Mexico City, studied in Paris and New York, an explorer of Spain and all the world. His top shelf collection ARQUISTE launched in 2012, and focuses his many interests - history, memory, a sense of place, romance - in fragrance.

Meticulously researched and crafted, each fragrance restores the aromatic experience of another place in time.

Aleksander is based on Pushkin's account of an 1837 duel in St. Petersburg, erotically recalling the splendor of Russia’s imperial court of the 19th century. The scent of violet on a gentleman's neck, the bear fur coat and leather boots, the birch and fir trees in the forest clearing. A sophisticated violet leather fragrance for both men and women. With notes of neroli, violet leaf, fir balsam and a Russian leather accord.

Arquiste Aleksander Eau du Parfum

  • Notes

    100ml spray, glass bottle, boxed
    Made in USA

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