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December 1978, midnight in the garden, Armando’s Le Club, Acapulco.

The nocturnal scent of the garden, the pool surrounded by a lush mirage of palm fronds, grass and tropical flowers, a blue and green carpet stretching onto the starlit bay. Your senses get lost in it, feeling the cool wet grass underfoot turning into warm sand as the garden merges with the beach, your head still spinning from the hot night. Breathe it all in…you’re in paradise.

Notes include petrichor, cannon ball tree flower (curupita), sea salt, fresh cut grass, jungle soil, oakmoss and seaweed.

Carlos is an architect by training, with a specialty in historic preservation. He’s a multi-lingual bon vivant, born in Mexico City, studied in Paris and New York, an explorer of Spain and all the world. His top shelf collection ARQUISTE launched in 2012, and focuses his many interests - history, memory, a sense of place, romance - in fragrance.

Meticulously researched and crafted, each fragrance restores the aromatic experience of another place in time.


ARQUISTE Nocturnal Green Scented Candle

  • Notes

    Estimated burning time: up to 55 hours. Boxed with lid. Candle is 4’ high.
    Made in USA


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