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Cyle’s family is so much a part of Provincetown that he doesn’t know if he’s 5th or 6th generation. This chunky sterling anchor on a bold chain is a forever reminder of Provincetown made by a native son.

“My passion for jewelry started when the book 1000 Rings, by Lark Books, fell into my hands. It sucked me into a world of whimsy, sculpture and creativity. I fell in love with the precious metals and the designs.” Not long after, studied jewelry design and fabrication at Boston’s North Bennet Street School.

“For the last 10 years, jewelry has been my passion’s main vessel. Jewelry binds together challenging skills required to work with precious metals and gemstones at a micro scale with a 3D canvas available to freely sculpt observations of the world.”


Cyle Thomas Anchor Necklace

  • Notes

    Sterling Plate, 23” chain
    Made in Provincetown


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