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Born and raised in Northern Ireland by antique-enthusiast parents, Grainne Morton was immersed in the traditional Crafts, folklore, music and fairy tales of the country. She studied at the Edinburgh College of Art in the late 80s, where she became an avid collector of antiques and ephemera herself. Her collections became her inspiration, and her inspiration became her work. She lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her husband, two children and thousands of tiny little objects.

Hers is a tiny world of evocative may be drawn to a particular precious gem, the mythology of unique charms, a tiny piece of coral or perhaps a simple button. A story to the wearer, and the viewer.

Unexpected, delightfully juxtaposed, painstakingly crafted, each and every object Grainne places in her jewelry are delicately set by hand in silver... each casing measured, carefully, for a snug fit, soldered, pierced and polished, before placing in the tiny object, and rubbing the metal over to secure. Often plated with 18ct gold, or oxidised to highlight the enclosed treasures.

This charming (!) pair of 18k gold earring is composed with coral, moonstone, mother of pearl and crystal. All at once vintage and contemporary, precious and non-precious, spontaneous and ordered, junk and treasure... this could well be a description of Grainne's motherland, itself.


Grainne Morton Charm Earrings

  • Notes

    18K gold, coral, moonstone, crystal, vintage charms
    4.5“ from top of hook, for pierced ears
    Made in England


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