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Ceramics are one of the most noteable ancient Japanese Crafts, dating all the way to the Neolithic. Relics from the Jōmon demonstrate Japan commonly produced pottery even in the era BC, surely because of the enduring tea ceremony.

Thousands of years later, Japanese ceramics became sought after decor, popularized in the west by Japonisme of the Belle Époque.

This Export vase features the humble dandelion ennobled with gold filigree.
Dated from the base marked “Nippon,” typical for the years 1890 to 1914, when Japan exported much pottery to America. Hence the term “Export Pottery”.  In 1915, US laws required all imports stamped “Made in…”

Japanese Export Vase

  • Notes

    Porcelain; 7.75“ H, damp cloth only
    Made in Japan

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