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I reimagined the classic Italian candy tin to hold an assortment of apothecary favorites from the shop. Nine items in one tin gift box include:

Alvarez Gomez Agua di Colonia Concentrada Spray (80ml) made from the essences of Mediterranean citrus, bergamot, rosemary, thyme, lemon, geranium and a note of juniper. Invigorating and purifying. And lovely sprayed on your pillowcase on a hot summer night, in the Spanish style. Spain

Alvarez Gomez Agua di Colonia Concentrada Towelettes (Box of 10) offers the fresh, signature scent of Spain in single-pack moist towelettes with a touch of sanitizing alcohol. Spain

Jao Hand Sanitizer Spray (231ml) is a natural multi-purpose body refresh (not just for hands!), instant disinfectant and aroma therapy combined. 65%   ethyl alcohol (less drying) and a proprietary mix of naturally antiseptic oils of lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium and sage.

98.5%, no environmental or animal harm

Solros-Tval Facial Bar (50g) made from sunflower oil and evening primrose oil, extremely beneficial in the daily cleansing of very dry or aged facial skin. USA

Marvis Karakum Toothpaste 75ml combines peppermint, the sweetness of orange and aromatic cardamom. Wonders Of the World toothpastes are Flouride-free, gluten-free, vegan, paraben-free and phthalate-free. USA

Feret Hyalomiel Jelly for Hands (50ml) made with honey from Garrigue in south-east France. Nurturing beauty for more than a century. Scented with rose, for year-round use to retain elasticity, non-greasy, paraben-free. France

Victoria Dream Eggwhite Soap (50g) combines lanolin, eggwhite and rosewater from the age-old Scandinavian beauty mask recipe. Cleanses pores and refreshes skin. Sweden

Eiwip Zeep Belgian Eggwhite Bar (50g) produced with pure eggwhites, lecithin and pressed chamomile, a natural softener. Soothing, hydrating, protein-rich. Belgium

Victoria Olive Oil Soap (100g) is vegetal and luxuriously enriched with olive olive oil to protect the skin. Light scent of olive flowers crisp olive leaf. Sweden

Loveland Apothecary Gift Box

  • Notes

    Box printed in USA

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