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I reimagined the classic Italian candy tin to hold an assortment of classic soaps from Portugal, a celebration of Provincetown’s unique relationship to that country. 11 items in one tin gift box include:

Ach Brito Vegetal Soaps (75g) purifying propolis, exfoliating pumice, moisturizing goat’s milk, protective aloe vera, enriching almond oil, and purifying charcoal.

Mar Soap (75g) oil azeitona  algae flor de sal water lily bold and peaceful

Ach Brito Lavender Soap (150g) a delightful oval soap, 100% vegetal, with the suave scent of lavender. Suave and creamy body bar.

O Meu Daily Soap (100g) 100% vegetle soap is made from palm oil enriched with coconut oil for silky skin, with notes of rose, iris, orange, and vanilla. Rich lather. Art-Deco packaging has remained unchanged since 1920

Chipper Classic Soap (100g) made since 1920, 100% vegetal with a very masculine scent composed of eucalyptus, spices, orange, lavender and leather.

Musgo Mild Soap (160g) was once the chosen soap of Portuguese aristocracy and has been made since 1887. 100% vegetal, lightly scented and enriched with coconut oil, mild and creamy. Daily family use.

Loveland Soaps of Portugal Gift Box

  • Notes

    Soaps made in Portugal, box printed in USA

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