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It’s no surprise Marie Laure describes her many collections as "textile jewelry." She weaves silver threads like cloth in her Marais studio in Paris, using the precious metal with unexpected freedom and expression.

As a graduate of the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris, she built a high fashion resume in the design studios of Balmain, Kenzo, and Alaia before opening her own business in 2006. Her liquid, languidly draping work in sterling silver are a direct reflection of her essential love of
threads and cloth. During a trip to Bali, she discovered with admiration the work of local silversmiths. Her signature mesh is a result of that ongoing collaboration.

This omni-sex gold tone lariat necklace has both weight and movement. Woven like tiny chain mail, it drapes lusciously around the neck and feels pleasing on skin. It can be worn in a variety of ways, featuring the hippie fringe.


Marie Laure Chamorel Gold Lariat Necklace

  • Notes

    Sterling silver and metal, length 44, fringe 3, silver finish, felt pouch
    Made in Indonesia


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