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The Mimbres textile collection was born out of a deep appreciation for the one-of-a-kind nature of things that are handcrafted. Featuring traditional loom-woven textiles from India and Southeast Asia, and sustainable materials from natural plant-based dyes, organic cotton, flax, to nettle and wild silk. 

Charles Galatis was a fledgling ceramicist when he enrolled in a weaving class many years ago at Goddard College in Vermont.  This limited training in traditional hand weaving sparked a life-long love affair with hand–crafted textiles. In 2009, inspired by a long-delayed return visit to northern India, he founded Mimbres to share that love.

This omni-sex giant shirt in squash and white grid weave is perfect all year long.

Mimbres Giant Shirt

  • Notes

    100% linen, one size, dry clean only
    Made in India


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