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The guayabera is the favored shirt of many South American countries. The boxy fit, shoulder yoke and banded hem are standard, and the traditional pin-tucking gives formality to a casual style, making it a perfect choice for celebrating. Made in a small workshop near Hidalgo, Mexico.

Costume designer Seth Bodie dip-dyed a small selection of guayberas, and then decorated them with vintage Afghani beaded patches purchased from a carpet dealer. Each combination is unique.

For 10 years, Nativa has been a leader in fair trade from Mexico, assuring everything they import is produced by native Mexican communities. Artisan crafts provides a modest income for families, and helps to ensure these skills thrive for generations to come.


Nativa Crimson Embellished Guayabera Shirt

  • Notes

    100% cotton, hand-dyed, dry clean.
    Made in Mexico


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