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For 10 years, Nativa has been a leader in fair trade from Mexico, assuring everything they import is produced by native Mexican communities. Craft provides a modest income for artisan families, and helps to ensure these skills thrive for generations to come.


Trained in textiles, Tressa Castro was enamored of her native Mexican crafts as a young girl. When foreign friends came for a Mexican holiday, Tressa encouraged them to buy the best native craft, rather than the typical, mass produced souvenirs. Engaging with an ever wider circle of artisans became her guiding passion, and Nativa was born. You can be assured she knows each artisan. 


These pillow covers are made in Hidalgo, in central Mexico. Legend has it that Otomi figures, birds, and animals were inspired by nearby cave drawings. They are all hand drawn and hand embroidered, each one is unique and takes 3 weeks to make.  100% cotton, with envelope closure. Striking in pairs, or combined with other textures.

Nativa Embroidered Pillow Cover

  • Notes

    Cotton, 20×20” approximately, envelope closure, dry clean recommended

    Made in Mexico

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