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Souvenir plates became popular before the turn of the century, as paid holidays, leisure travel and civic pride were on the rise in Europe and America. They were usually made in shades of blue as originally only cobalt glaze could withstand the high heat of early industrial ceramic ovens. Scenes also appeared on mugs, platters, tea service and more, and were especially popular until the 1930s.

This easy-fit 100% cotton sweatshirt features a plate from Provincetown in the circa WW1. A welcome souvenir even today.

Provincetown Souvenir Plate Sweatshirt

  • Notes

    100% Cotton, Sizes S, M, L, XL, back-to-neck M 27.5 with 1.5” between sizes, heat-transfer, machine wash inside-out, low dryer
    Made in USA

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