“If it isn’t Roberts, it isn’t Borotalco.” Roberts was founded in Florence in 1843, in an era when British-style apothecaries opened to accommodate travelers from abroad. 


This talc became a favorite in 1904. To me it’s a classic, reminding me instantly of my favorite barber shops in Italy. “The Best Powder for the Skin” promises absorbency and a delicate fragrance. Made with natural talc and floral oils, perfect after shower or sprinkled on sheets before bed. 

Roberts Borotalco Powder

  • Notes

    500g cardboard carton, plastic lid

    Made in italy

    Ingredients: Talc, fragrance, comerin, linalool, limonene, diproprylene, glycol, geronial, benzyl benzoate, cinnamyl, alcohol, BHT, citronellon. If using talc concerns you, please avoid it.