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Subhabrata Sadhu has traveled to artisan clusters across India and along the way, he has picked up not only a wealth of traditional design knowledge but has also developed a keen desire to preserve dying weaves, patterns and skills as well to enable and empower their custodians. 


Sadhu launched in 2009, specializing in adding western simplicity to traditional Indian textiles. Using finest true pashmina, Craft linen and cotton and a vivid palette known around the world as India in color, the collection offers a simple but bold touch. He has worked with several NGOs to help rural artisans, to make transforming ethnic weaves into luxury offerings and craftspeople to entrepreneurs.


These pillow covers are handwoven in the village of Bhagalpur in Eastern India, where a social enterprise employs about 250 weavers. I love the sail flag colors. The cotton velvet piping is machine-made in Coimbatore in the south.

Sadhu Collective Pillow Cover

  • Notes

    12.5”H×20” W, hand-loomed linen, cotton, cotton velvet. Dry clean only.

    Made in India

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