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“Born of the Sea,” that’s the slogan of Saint James France. 


In 1067, William the Conqueror established the village of Saint-James on the bay of Mont Saint-Michel in northwestern France. In time, villages of fishermen grew, and sheep bred in the local salt marshes provided an ideal, waxy wool for knitting. In time, the area becomes an early center for knitted sweaters and hats for fishermen on stormy voyages.


By 1850, the Moulin du Prieur dyes and spins wool sold as skeins in dry goods shops, and also makes sturdy underwear. In 1858, the mill makes the now famous striped marinier sweater for the French navy. (The stripes made it easier to see sailors in the distance.) In 1889, the workshop is reestablished as Saint-James. When French paid holiday leave increases in the 1960s and 70s, vacationers embrace the pleasures of seaside holidays, packing Breton striped shirts, sailor caps and nautical sweaters. Today Saint James celebrates more than 100 years of quality.


This classic blue fisherman smock is made of heavy cotton canvas. High flip collar, single button at the chest, with an interior pocket meant to keep cigarettes away from water whilst aboard ship. Sized S - XL. Size M measures 24” across chest; 27” length; approximately 1.5” between sizes.


Saint James Nemo Smock

  • Notes

    100% Cotton canvas, men’s sizes S - XL, machine wash, hang dry

    Length : 28.3"

    Made in Tunisia

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