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Églomisé is a French term meaning a design which is hand-painted and gilded on the reverse of glass, producing a mirror-like finish on the face. The technique dates to pre-Roman times, and was notably utilized by Italian artisans of the Renaissance in reliquaries and altars. Églomisé was revived by 18th-century French decorator Jean-Baptiste Glomy (1711–1786), from whom it was named. He popularized glass painted decor, which was later used in shop decor and advertising.


This set of 4 gods from ancient Western mythology were bought at auction. I believe they are French or Italian. Featured are Diana, Apollo, Demeter, Mars and Venus. The carved frames are slightly loose; please see photos.

Set of Four 18th Century Églomisé Mythological Portraits

  • Notes

    Painted glass and gilt, 7.5×8.5”

    French or Italian

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