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Loveland Apothecary: Kent Combs

G B Kent & Sons Ltd, manufacturers of brushes since the eighteenth century, is one of the oldest established companies in Great Britain. Kent holds a preeminent place in the history of brush making, with an unbroken record of excellence in the quality of its production, recognized by the granting of Royal Warrants for nine reigns since 1777.

It seems combs have existed since civilized societies began, used practically, to enhance beauty, and for ritual ceremony. Ceremonial combs have been dug from the tombs of Ancient Egypt. Many cultures – most notable Spain and Japan – still find women adorning their hair with beautiful combs made of tortoise shell or ivory. Wooden picks are found in Africa, similar in shape to the plastic ones found here in the States.

Native American tribes see the hair as the manifestation of ones thoughts, and long hair, like the sweet grasses believed to be the Earth Mother’s hair, is most prized. Combs have long been used by Indians in customs of family bathing and in head dresses for ceremony.

Combs were also essential to the success of the cotton gin, and provide the keyboards for the lamellophone and thumb piano.

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