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From her studio in West Somerset, England, Rachel Eardley crafts striking jewelry of decommissioned coins from all over the world. Her grandfather introduced her to silversmithing when she was 15. After graduating from Brighton University with a degree in 3D craft, she opened her business in 1999. Each piece of jewelry is intricately cut by hand with a file.

This anchor necklace is cut from a copper British half-penny – commonly called a ha’penny – from Rachel’s collection of decommissioned coins from the 1940s-50s.(Sometimes the year is partially cut away.)

It seems a perfect momento of Provincetown, or life anywhere on the sea. Fine chain sterling or oxidized sterling, and 28” total length.  Unique hand-drawn box.


Rachel Eardley Coin Necklace 1950s-60s

  • Notes

    Coin is copper. Sterling or oxidized sterling chain 28”
    Made in England

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