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Building Provincetown

One of my favorite things to do on a cold fall night is reading David Dunlap’s website. It’s a real labor of love that David has worked on for years, and reveals so much about the town through its various structures, their origins, and how they’ve changed. And it’s a great reminder that Ptown is, and has been, a richly storied place beyond summer fun.

These images of Loveland’s building – 120 Commercial Street – are borrowed from the site. 120 was originally built in the late 1880s, and converted to a grocery store in the 1940s, when the storefront of symmetrical bays was added. Since then it’s been a soda fountain, a movie theater and a venue for music. I think some pretty notable performers sang at the Blues Bag.

If any of you know more about 120, please let me or David know!

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