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Morning, Glories!

Morning Glories are among my most favorite flowers – even their name is glorious! Their vines can grow 10 feet long, plenty of room for the tender, translucent funnel-shaped blossoms, which can be white, red, blue, purple or yellow, and are always tucked among heart-shaped leaves. I think morning glories are so lovely even though they are not fragrant. Their fragrant cousins, Moonflowers, bloom at night. But these flowers are not only lovely – their seeds have a hallucinogenic component also found in LSD: ololiuqui. Spanish conquistadors discovered these seeds beloved by the Aztecs and revered as the god of sun and war, Huitzilopochtli. This same magical ingredient was celebrated by our Counter Culture, and included in The Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell (1970). They also lend their name to glittering sparklers. But perhaps none other than Walt Whitman summed-up these flowers’ charms in this overused, but still charming, quote:

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