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Loveland Kitchen: Grilled Cheese and Eggs

In the winter I get lost in short days and early nightfall, sometimes eating breakfast at 4:00 a.m. or a roast chicken when the noontime sun wakes me from my bed. But in the winter often it’s the roaring wind that wakes me in the “dead” of night, which, of course, is not dead at all. The wind can be so strong – 50 mph, I think – that it shakes the house like a boat in a storm. Tucked under my blanket at the kitchen table, I ate this indulgent snack I’d made while listening to the night. It’s just a grilled cheese with some eggs fried on top. Liberally butter one side of two pieces of toasted bread (I like rye), and with the buttered sides facing out, fill with some cheese and ham (Swiss). Lightly fry on both sides (I like mine burnt), and press to help melt the cheese. Crack some eggs around the sandwich, and cover the pan. Cook over medium heat till eggs set as you like. Mustard (Grey Poupon) and mayonnaise (Cain’s) are great over all.

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