Loveland People: Crazy Talented Charlie Welch

Charlie is one of my favorite friends I’ve made in Provincetown. He’s crazy and he’s talented and he’s crazy talented. He’s a set builder and prop stylist, and has worked in visual merchandising for Bergdorf Goodman, Barney's New York, Ralph Lauren and more. He can build anything, paint anything, wire anything, make a quilt, upholster a chair, design graphics, bake a delicious cookie,bake a delicious pie. In fact my nickname for him is Pie, which I’m not certain he likes but I do anyway because that’s the way we are together. Charlie also produces a collaborative book/zine. He has a wild imagination and wicked sense of humor and is well tuned to popular culture in ways I am not, and likes most things – like 80s Pop – that I don’t. But that difference makes him more fun. This summer, Pie did a fantastic job re-fitting the shop with shelves made of scrap, and painting the floor the gray-and-black pinwheel pattern that ev